KIM KARDASHIAN runs for her life after nearly getting attacked by a baby elephant during a botched selfie session.


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We all know Kim Kardashian is the queen of perfect selfies. Seriously. Like, she can even take a selfie while riding a roller coaster.

Unfortunately, the gigantic baby elephant she tried to take a selfie with during her recent vacation in Thailand did not know about Kim‘s infamous title… nor did it care about the fact that she always needs to take a perfect selfie (with just the right amount of too much cleavage and too much duck face) for all her social media followers.

NICK CANNON reveals in a shocking interview with Hollywood news that MARIAH CAREY “doesn’t even know who KIM KARDASHIAN is.”


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You may know who Kim Kardashian is—thanks (or no thanks) to her infamous sex tape and prominence in today’s Hollywood news—but Mariah Carey just… doesn’t. This, according to Mariah‘s husband, Nick Cannon, who dated and broke up with Kardashian over her dirty tape.

Cannon sat down with Howard Stern for a not-safe-for-work interview on Wednesday and revealed that his wife simple “doesn’t pay attention” to the bootilicious reality star, or to reality TV and Hollywood rumors in general.

KIM KARDASHIAN spilled the beans on KENDALL JENNER‘s modeling auditions, Hollywood news has learned.

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With the runway debut of Kendall Jenner‘s career as a model, she has already received flak for showing her breasts in Marc Jacobs fashion show last month.  Despite all these, the 18-year-old reality star is determined to make it on her own. Kim Kardashian actually spilled the beans on how determined Kendall Jenner really is on her modeling auditions.

In an interview for E! Online, Kim shared:

According to the latest hollywood news, KIM KARDASHIAN got involved in a car crash last Tuesday in Beverly Hills.

Oh no!

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The sexy brunette bombshell has the best and most lavish cars in town. But this does not mean that she’s the best driver around, after all she was accused of almost crashing into a paparazzo’s car just last year.  In a recent report by TMZ, Kim Kardashian proves to us that she’s not a good driver after getting involved in a car crash.

Celebrity news has learned that KIM KARDASHIAN is contemplating on having more kids. She shares:

“I want to have more.”

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After giving birth to baby girl North, Kim shared that she wants to have a million more! But, are they ready to have a second child?

During Ryan Seacrest‘s radio show last week, Kim shared:

Celebrity news has learned that KIM KARDASHIAN mocked KHLOE. She said:

“She keeps the ugliest shoes.”

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The Kardashian sisters are protective of each other. They slam tabloids for incorrect reports about each other and defends them from haters.  But like any other sisterhood, they also explode on each other and  exchange tactless and honest comments about each other.

A fan asked Kim Kardashian to discuss her sisters’ shoe style on her Mobio INsider account and she said: