Star news has reported that KYLIE JENNER posted a new sexy bikini photo on her Instagram account last Saturday.


KJ1The 16-year-old reality star is no stranger to posting risque photos on her Instagram account. Kylie, who’s been rumored to be dating Youtube sensation Austin Mahone, even posted a photo of her fake ribcage tattoo sporting her red bra. This time Kylie takes it up a notch by posting a racy photo showcasing her sexy bikini body.

Celebrity news has learned that KYLIE JENNER shared on Twitter:

“I’m 16 and still wanna be a kid sometimes.”

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Kylie Jenner, who’s been rumored to date Austin Mahone, is just like any other teenage girl. She dreams of going to prom and dating someone she likes but because she’s part of the Kardashian family, all eyes are on her. Jenner doesn’t even remember how things were before she became famous.

KYLIE JENNER called her KHLOE KARDASHIAN ”abusive” and a “fake b*tch,” in a couple of Keek videos that they shared earlier this week.

What happened here?

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Normally, sisters Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are very close. And on Tuesday, they showed exactly how, uhm, sweet they are to each other.

As seen in a pair of Keek videos that they shared, the reality TV stars (who just got into a trampoline accident a month ago) wrestled on the floor with 16-year-old Kylie screaming:

According to the latest Hollywood news, KYLIE JENNER was rushed to the hospital after her trampoline accident with KHLOE KARDASHIAN earlier this week.



Kylie Jenner has lately been into shocking her fans and followers. She recently shared a video singing a Justin Bieber song while sucking on a baby bottle and flashed her red bra with fake ribcage tattoo.  She shocks us this time, and herself as well, when she got into a trampoline accident with recently divorced sister Khloe Kardashian.

KYLIE JENNER is rumored to be dating singer AUSTIN MAHONE, according to recent Hollywood celebrity gossip.

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Austin Mahone recently slammed rumors that he had been dating Selena Gomez following the latter’s latest split with troubled ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. And since he seems to be getting pretty close to Kylie Jenner (whose last rumored boyfriend was Jaden Smith), it’s probably safe to say that he’s telling the truth.

KYLIE JENNER recently flashed her red bra and her fake ribcage tattoo, in a new photo that she shared on Instagram.

Check it out:

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After sucking on a baby bottle , here’s this!

Kylie Jenner recently shared a slightly racy photo of her moving her shirt aside to reveal her red bra and her “sharpie tattoo” underneath it by makeup artist and designer Nat Wood, who previously did Kendall Jenner‘s huge skull ink.