According to the latest entertainment news, LADY GAGA flashed her nipple on Instagram last Friday!


Lady Gaga nipple starLady Gaga has always been a risk-taker when comes to fashion choices. She tried to expose her body more back then by wearing nipple tapes but has eventually progressed to wearing no bra at all. Showing her nipples is just an easy thing now. Recently, however, she posted a photo on Instagram where her nipple was exposed!

LADY GAGA has recently shared to star news her insights on wearing wedding dresses. Here’s what she had to say:

I don’t “have to be getting married to wear bridal.”

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The 28-year-old eccentric artist has been dating Taylor Kinney for so long now that we all wonder when they will take the next step. The couple in love was actually spotted recently in Toronto looking at couture wedding dress stores. Rumors have surfaced that they might get married soon! She can totally pull off an outlandish wedding dress, and perhaps she’ll put her own spin into it.

LADY GAGA has joked about her “Do What U Want” video controversy last week by posting a photo on Instagram.


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Lady Gaga‘s “Do What U Want” music video was recently pulled. The video was pulled because of sex assault claims that were connected to having Terry Richardson in the video. The 28-year-old “Artpop” singer has joked about the controversy on Instagram last week.

In recent entertainment news, LADY GAGA’s “Do What U Want” video was pulled due to sex assault claims.


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Lady Gaga has been known for her crazy antics and shocking fashion choices. She recently allowed herself to be puked onstage! With the release of the music video for “Do What U Want” from her “Artpop” album, the singer might have gone too far.

In recent entertainment news, LADY GAGA got a trumpet tattoo last Wednesday on her arm.


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Lady Gaga is slowly filling her body with tattoos that have hidden meanings in each one of them. She had a tattoo on her nape, legs, left arm, then on her ribcage as well. Now, Gaga has faced the needle once more to ink a trumpet image onto her right arm.

Star news has learned that LADY GAGA showed her nipples in NYC last week.

Check it out:

Gaga diamondsWe’ve all known Lady Gaga for her crazy sense in fashion with all the big wigs, elaborate dresses, and quirky costumes. Sometimes, we’re shocked to see Gaga stripping down all of those masks and costumes to perform in a sea shell bikini or even topless. She has been spotted recently sporting an outfit that’s a bit tamer and normal than her usual but of course she put a spin of her own to it by going topless.