Star news has reported that LADY GAGA stripped down and danced at the BPM gay club in New York City last Friday.


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Lady Gaga claims to be the “Mother Monster” and sees herself as the new gay icon. She sides by the LGBT community and even had a song “Born this way,” dedicated to them. However, some parts of the LGBT community like the Drag queens feel that they aren’t being recognized by Gaga and has expressed their revolt against her.



In recent star news, DRAKE BELL slammed JUSTIN BIEBER, LADY GAGA, and ARIANA GRANDE for their “gross” messages in a new Buzzfeed interview.


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Drake Bell has been continuously slamming the young singer Justin Bieber throughout the years. He even urged Americans to deport the star! Now that he’s bankrupt, it looks like he’s lashing out his frustrations again on Bieber and other artists.

LADY GAGA performed for the very first time “The Late Show with DAVID LETTERMAN on Wednesday, and it was pretty spectacular.

We’re honestly not surprised!

Lady Gaga

You’d think that Lady Gaga has performed on every high-rating show possible but on Wednesday, it was her first time on David Letterman‘s “Late Night” show.

To make her debut pretty unforgettable, the 29-year-old world-famous singer performed her new song, ”Dope.” Not only that, she dragged Letterman himself, Bill Murray and the entire talk show audience from the Ed Sullivan Theater to the famous club Roseland across the street for her performance of another one of her newest tracks, “Guy.”

In recent entertainment news, LADY GAGA celebrated her 28th birthday in NYC with boyfriend TAYLOR KINNEY.

Happy birthday Gaga!

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The “GUY” pop singer has recently opened up about her relationship with Taylor Kinney. She admitted that she has “found love” in him and that she’s “submissive” to Taylor. It looks like she’s really in love with Kinney as she spent her 28th birthday with him in NYC.

Gaga posted a sweet photo of Kinney kissing her with the caption:

LADY GAGA has admitted that she is “submissive” to her boyfriend TAYLOR KINNEY in a recent interview on the Sirius XM show “Morning Mash-Up.”

Can you believe that?!

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Despite her eccentricities, Lady Gaga has a very “normal” relationship with actor Taylor Kinney, whom she’s been dating for nearly three years.

In a new radio interview, the pop superstar was asked if she was “submissive” in her relationship with Kinney. She responded:

“Yes, actually.”

Gaga continued:

Entertainment news has learned that LADY GAGA debuted a 7-minute music video for “GUY.”

Gaga GUY

Last year, Lady Gaga was thoroughly depressed after feeling betrayed from people who mismanaged her time and talent and also asked for her fans’ forgiveness in a letter. She promised that this year will be the “true beginning” of her album “ARTPOP.”

Gaga kept her promise as she premieres her 7-minute music video for “GUY.”