LADY GAGA canceled her Seattle concert just hours before her show because of “horrible Bronchitis,” star news has reported. Here’s what she had to say:

I lost my “mermaid voice”!

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Lady Gaga has always been living for the applause and for the attention. She has tried everything, from out-of-this-world costumes to crazy stage performances like getting puked onstage. The talented “G.U.Y.” singer may rely on these props but she’s an advocate of singing live. This time, however, she might have overdone the live-singing.

In recent entertainment news, LADY GAGA blasted stars for lip syncing! She said:

“F**king sing!”

Gaga lip sync

The 28-year-old powerhouse singer may be known for her rad outfits and crazy performances but she should also be credited for singing live every time. It ain’t easy to do all the choreography, perform crazy good in heels and full costume, and sing live! She really has put in everything she has to be a well-known singer, which gives her the right to blast stars who lip sync only.

In recent entertainment news, TAYLOR KINNEY called his girlfriend LADY GAGA a “kindred spirit” and he said that he’s “proud of her” in an interview for Glamour.


Gaga bday1

The romantic and adorable couple have been there for each other during their downfalls, milestones, and special moments. So far, we’ve heard Gaga‘s side that she’s totally in love with Kinney and that she’s submissive to him. We now hear Kinney‘s side on their relationship.

Is LADY GAGA dissing KATY PERRY‘s ongoing album tour? Celebrity gossip websites think so!

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For months now, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry have been repeatedly compared. We know this sounds a little crazy considering we know which one of them is more outlandish, but with Katy dressing up in all sorts of things, people can’t help but be reminded of Gaga.

Gaga has taken notice, too. But, in defense of Katy, Gaga asked their critics to “let her be.”

Guess that’s changed.

LADY GAGA and her boyfriend TAYLOR KINNEY share a romantic kiss in an adorable new pic the singer shared on

ladygaga taylorkinney kiss

Aren’t they cute?

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney raised some eyebrows when they first began dating (due in large part to the fact that they seemed to have nothing in common) back in 2011, but three years later, the couple seem to be stronger than ever.

LILY ALLEN released her “Sheezus “music video and called out singers like BEYONCE, RIHANNA, and GAGA in it, entertainment news has learned.


lily sheezus

The “Air Balloon” singer has been known for her sassy mouth who likes to calls out other artists. For someone who regrets her career in music, Lily is not stopping anytime soon as she released her music video for “Sheezus.” She’s also did not stop from calling out artists such as Beyonce, Rihanna, and Gaga.