LINDSAY LOHAN admits to drinking alcohol, in the latest episode of her new “Lindsay” documentary.

Atta girl!

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About a million or so reports of her drinking and getting in and out of rehabLindsay Lohan has repeatedly denied having drinks at clubs (or wherever she’s at). But in the latest episode of her “Lindsay” documentary, she admits she “screwed up” her short-lived sobriety.

It’s slightly shocking, considering she revealed in the previous episode that she only came “very close” to failing.

According to the latest Hollywood gossip, LINDSAY LOHAN revealed that there might be a “Mean Girls” movie reunion in an interview for “Tonight Show” last week.



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After ten years, Lindsay Lohan and Daniel Franzese of “Mean Girls” have reunited just last month. Perhaps, this is a foreshadowing of some sort for a movie reunion? Well, there might actually be something good going on!

LINDSAY LOHAN performed the STEVIE NICKS song “Edge of Seventeen” at a private party at the Four Seasons… and she did pretty good!

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It’s been a few months since the actress left rehab, and so far—apart from a few parties here and there—she appears to be doing quite well.

In fact, Lindsay seemed happy and healthy (almost like pre-addiction Lindsay) at a private party for NY Republican Party Finance Committee chairman Matthew Mellon at the Four Seasons last night, where she was asked to sing a song for the guests.

Hollywood news has reported that LINDSAY LOHAN and DANIEL FRANZESE from “Mean Girls” met up 10 years after this week at New York City!


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The “Inconceivable” movie star has had a rough path in Hollywood. She went in and out of rehab, got accused and arrested, had meltdowns, had a lesbian relationship with Samantha Ronson, partied with the wrong crowd, and many more. We’ll always remember her, though, for one of her biggest breaks, the movie “Mean Girls” that really launched her career forward.

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LINDSAY LOHAN announced that she has a new movie coming up called “Inconceivable” at Sundance this week, celebrity news has learned.

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The infamous and racy actress has been trying to come back to the limelight. She has been given many opportunities to “regain people’s trust” but she keeps on screwing them up. In fact, even her director in “The Canyons” said her behavior is unspeakable.”

Luckily for Lindsay Lohan, she was able to bag a new movie. She made the revelation at the Sundance Film Festival last Monday.