Apparently, LINDSAY LOHAN has a new boyfriend!

About time, don’t you think?

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LiLo‘s career may be slowly picking up again after a long and troubled hiatus, but clearly she hasn’t been having the same luck in the love department–she dated former NFL player Matt Nordgren for one week last year, and the year before that she enjoyed a “friends with benefits” situation with The Wanted’s Max George for a few months.

LINDSAY LOHAN has been awarded the “Comeback” award at the recent Ischia Film Festival, celebrity news has reported.

Wow, congratulations!
LMK 116024After leaving rehab last year, Lindsay Lohan also left a changed woman. She tried to focus this time on her career by accepting movie offers as well as television roles. Lohan has also been preoccupied with her newest documentary wherein she dishes some of her deepest dark secrets.

Hollywood news has learned that LINDSAY LOHAN is suing the game makers of “Grand Theft Auto V”!

You don’t mess with Lohan!

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After leaving her rehab stint last year, Lindsay Lohan has tried to make less noise and stay out of trouble. It turns out, however, that trouble seems to be following her. Earlier this year, her laptop was stolen, which contains some confidential files. This time, the “Inconceivable” star‘s image and character on a game without her permission!

Celebrity news has reported that JAMES FRANCO wrote a short story about LINDSAY LOHAN.

What can this be about?

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James Franco hasn’t been making the right decisions recently like when he decided to bite the hand that fed him when he slammed the producers of “Spring Breakers” sequel. And now, he’s making a short story about his ex-bestfriend Lindsay Lohan and the intent and content of the story is quite questionable. Would it be about Lohan’s sexual advances towards him last year?

LINDSAY LOHAN showed off her pole-dancing skills on the set of “Alan Carr: Chatty Man,” Hollywood news has learned.

We didn’t know she could do that!

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Lindsay Lohan has been very busy nowadays with her documentary “Lindsay” and her upcoming movie “Inconceivable.” It’s nice to see that she has done well so far after leaving rehab. She even learned a few skills along her road to recovery.

LINDSAY LOHAN admits to drinking alcohol, in the latest episode of her new “Lindsay” documentary.

Atta girl!

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About a million or so reports of her drinking and getting in and out of rehabLindsay Lohan has repeatedly denied having drinks at clubs (or wherever she’s at). But in the latest episode of her “Lindsay” documentary, she admits she “screwed up” her short-lived sobriety.

It’s slightly shocking, considering she revealed in the previous episode that she only came “very close” to failing.