According to the latest Hollywood gossip, LINDSAY LOHAN‘s recently stolen computer contains nude pictures of herself.


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As previously reported, Lindsay Lohan‘s computer was stolen at an airport in Shanghai just this week, and it seems we were right about the fact that it could be a source for more of her nipple-baring photos. That’s not even the worst that could leak online!

TMZ has reported that she has a “bunch of nude photos” from various photo shoots, as well as private communication with Lady Gaga and Woody Allen.

Celebrity news has learned that LINDSAY LOHAN‘s computer was recently stolen at an airport and she’s willing to offer a reward to anyone who can give it back.

Poor, Lindsay!

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The party loving girl has lost a lot last year. She’s lost her acting credibility as some directors slam her for her “unspeakable” behavior, as well as a few friends along the way (including Paris Hilton and her brother who’s embarrassed to be associated with her).

PARIS HILTON‘s brother BARRON recently slammed LINDSAY LOHAN, saying that being associated with her is “embarrassing.”


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In the wake of their reported club feud, during which Lindsay Lohan reportedly had someone from her group beat up Paris Hilton‘s little troublemaking brother Barron at Art Basel in Miami, the young heir is speaking up to defend himself on his own social media account.

LINDSAY LOHAN is set to spill all her darkest secrets in an upcoming tell-all book!

That’s going to be one juicy memoir…

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For the longest time, Lindsay‘s scandalous life—the wild partying, the drug problems, trips to rehab, the numerous arrests, and her dysfunctional family—has been heavily documented by celebrity gossip websites and magazines, which means every one knows pretty much every colorful detail.

This time, however, we’re finally going to hear the whole story from Lindsay‘s perspective.

Hollywoog gossip tells us PARIS HILTON told LINDSAY LOHAN:

“No one f*cks with my family.”

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Looks like another cat fight has started between Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

The controversial stars, who infamously got so much attention for their wild partying and countless jail stints, are seemingly at odds after reports that Lindsay was behind the attack on Paris‘s younger brother, Baron, at a Miami club last Thursday.

LINDSAY LOHAN was spotted partying with KIM KARDASHIAN in Miami on Wednesday night, celebrity news has learned.


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After staying a little under the radar following her rehab stint  a few months ago, Lindsay Lohan is embracing more and more of the familiar spotlight.