KIM KARDASHIAN, PARIS HILTON, ASHTON KUTCHER and at least 10 more celebrities were hacked recently… and it’s got their personal finances exposed for all the world to see.


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Another hacking scandal has hit Hollywood this week, and this time around, the victims include insanely wealthy power couples, millionaire reality stars, musicians, actors and even political figures.

As of writing, at least 13 famous and powerful people have turned into victims of a ruthless hacker who have publicized detailed information about their personal finances.

MEL GIBSON had been accused of terrorizing his 78-year-old stepmom, celebrity news has learned.

What now, Mel?

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Mel Gibson’s stepmother, Joye Gibson, who now plays another person whom the actor has traumatized, recently filed documents claiming that the actor made her fear for her life—a belief stemming from the fact that Mel “has a serious anger management problem if not perhaps a bipolar illness, for which he needs treatment”

Hollywood rumors just heard that MEL GIBSON has fathered another baby somewhere, and it seems the smoke’s coming from the fire surrounding sometime actress Laura Bellizzi whom Mel was seen with last summer. Is Mel spreading his seed around as his legacy to the world before he finally leaves it?

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Bellizzi, who once had a role in VH1′s “Secrets of Aspen” started spreading around word that the 55-year-old Oscar winner is the father of her unborn child. However, Mel‘s representative has denied her allegations and told the media Mel has “no connection at all” to Bellizzi…

ROBERT DOWNEY, JR. actually pleaded to all of Hollywood for pal MEL GIBSON, begging everyone to forgive Mel his trespasses. And on the occasion of accepting his own doorstop at the American Cinematheque Award ceremoney, an award where Mel was the presenter, Downey effectively turned his own night of celebration into an event of redemption for the beleaguered Mel.


MEL GIBSON can’t do anything right, it seems…he’s now come under fire for making another movie about Jewish hero Judah Maccabee, and leaders of the faith are up in arms against his choice of subject. Poor Mel, his life has been quite the descent into hell for the last few years…


Star news reports that Mel‘s collaboration with Warner Bros. to create a film about one of the greatest warriors in Jewish history has been slammed by Jewish leaders.

MEL GIBSON And OKSANA GRIGORIEVA finally reached a financial understanding in their custody dispute, and Oksana’s getting $750k to shut up about everything to do with their domestic violence-fueled, fellatio-on-demand-or-I’ll-punch-your-teeth-out, anti-Semitic relationship.


Entertainment news learned that “The Beaver” star and his Russian pianist ex-girlfriend have agreed to a final figure in the raising of their 21-month-old daughter Lucia during a hearing at the Los Angeles Superior Court.