According to the latest Hollywood news, JUSTIN BIEBER broke his silence following his DUI arrest last Thursday and compared himself to MICHAEL JACKSON in a photo.

Wait, what?!


The “All That Matters” singer, who was last spotted leaving jail last week following his aarrest for DUI and drag racing in Miami. finally broke his silence regarding .

MICHAEL JACKSON has been named this year’s “Top-Earning Dead Celebrity” by Forbes Magazine, according to celebrity news.

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Michael Jackson may have been dead for a while now, but he’s still topping a few lists.

According to Forbes, the late King of Pop’s estate raked in a whopping $160 million between October 2012 and October 2013, based on estimates and ranking from “estate managers, licensors and lawyers involved in the dead celebrity business.”

MILEY CYRUS has revealed that she wants her upcoming album “Bangerz” to be just like MICHAEL JACKSON’s classic 1987 album, “Bad.”

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Such high hopes for an album featuring a topless Miley on the cover art.

Nonetheless, if you can get past all the controversies, you have to admit that the racy singer has actually been doing a really great job of promoting her latest album to the public, what with all the raunchy performances, the naked music videos, and even the recent split with fiancé Liam Hemsworth… and that’s sure to increase album sales when “Bangerz” finally comes out on October 8.

KATHERINE JACKSON reveals that her granddaughter, PARIS, “didn’t want to live” after her father MICHAEL JACKSON‘s death a few years ago.

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Hollywood gossip is still trying to figure out what happened to Paris Jackson and what led to her suicide attempt in early June this year.

Many speculated that she was mentally disturbed by her father Michael‘s death in 2009, while some of her relatives dismissed it as a way for her to seek attention, something teenagers normally crave.

Entertainment news tells us JUSTIN BIEBER is been featured in an unreleased MICHAEL JACKSON song, “Slave 2 The Rhythm.”

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We know what you’re thinking… Justin Bieber shouldn’t be messing with the King of Pop’s music. But, believe it or not, their new collaborative track, “Slave 2 The Rhythm,” is actually not so bad!

The track, which was reportedly recorded shortly before MJ‘s unfortunate death in 2009, was reworked and modernized to feature vocals from the controversial teen superstar.

MICHAEL JACKSON‘s haunting death scene pictures—the complete set—have surfaced online, recent Hollywood news reports.

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It’s been almost four years since Michael Jackson was declared dead after suffering a serious heart attack in his Los Angeles home, which was later blamed on his physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, for wrongly prescribing him amnestic and anti-axiety medication.

While millions continue to grieve over his unexpected passing (he was 50), photos of his death scene have just been published online by TMZ, providing an exclusive into how the King of Pop had lived before his last breath.