MICHAEL PHELPS celebrated his retirement with a fun, Vegas party and tons of bikini-clad ladies.

Lucky man!


Michael Phelps, who snagged his 20th medal from the aspiring actor, Ryan Lochte, partied half-naked—and with a lot of curvaceous girls in orange string bikinis—this weekend to celebrate his record-breaking swimming career (22 medals!) at last month’s Olympics.


Thank goodness, it didn’t look like Phelps was binge drinking, too.

Bad boy Olympian MICHAEL PHELPS shows off his toned body in a light blue swimming trunks. But Phelps can really use a suntan!

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The swimmer helped to kick off the 2011 season of the Encore Beach Club in Las Vegas. Looks like the 14-time gold medal winner was well loved by the women as he was surrounded by a plethora of them. Many of the women in the pool even wore medals around their necks in an homage to Phelps.

Is Brittny Gastineau pregnant? If so it could be Michael Phelps’ baby!?! Socialite Brittny Gastineau wearing an oversized t-shirt looks a little on the heavier side, could she be joining the pregnancy wagon?

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Kim Kardashian’s buddy Brittny enjoyed lunch and coffee with friends at Joan’s On Third in Los Angeles, California on January 16, 2011. Its been rumored that Brittny was pregnant not to0 long ago but she has already denied those rumors.. that was back in early December. Brittny has denied those preggy rumors and insisted she’s not dating the Olympic swimmer Phelps. But these images might create that store once again. 

Brittny Gastineau is very late and she’s worried. Brittny was seen buying a pregnancy test over the weekend in NYC! Uh-oh! Boyfriend Michael Phelps swimmer-turns-daddy soon?

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A source tells Radar Online, “She is heading back to LA now. She is so late and very worried. She has an appointment with the ob-gyn on Wednesday in Beverly Hills.”

Gastineau was spotted buying a pregnancy test in New York over the weekend. She was in town to celebrate the birthday of good friend and manager Darren Bettencourt and to promote her Tres Glam jewelry line.

Brittny Gastineau and Michael Phelps are dating! They were said to have hung out at the Mondrian Hotel on Friday night and were “very cozy.” Saturday, they were also seen together.

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A source close to the pair tells TMZ.com the whole thing is kind of new, but the pair hung out at the Mondrian Hotel on Friday night and were “very cozy.” Then on Saturday, we’re told they hit up a Coffee Bean and did a little shopping … that’s when we caught up with them.

Michael Phelps, who got into an accident earlier this week, admitted to drinking a beer before getting behind the wheel. Police also found that he was driving with an invalid license. Poor Michael Phelps — kicks butt in the water but just can’t catch a break out of it.

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