According to the latest celebrity news, AMANDA BYNES just called President BARACK OBAMA and his wife MICHELLE “ugly” on Twitter!

No kidding.

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Now she’s gone too far.

Amanda Bynes took a break from writing contradicting tweets about her sometimes-crush Drake (tweets like he’s “the most gorgeous man on Earth” or “he’s gay and ugly”) and found herself two new targets for her trademark “ugly” insult—the President and the First Lady of the United States of America.

JIMMY FALLON paired up with First Lady MICHELLE OBAMA, this time for a spoof video titled “Evolution of Mom Dancing.”

jimmyfallon michelleobama evolution of mom dancing

Expect to be entertained as a cross dressing Jimmy Fallon teams up with First Lady Michelle Obama for another spoof of the viral “Evolution of Dance” video, “Evolution of Mom Dancing,” as shown in the recent episode of the host’s eventful “Late Night” show.

The comedic host and very competitive First Lady attempted to show different kinds of moves that moms of different generations are sort of famous for.

BEYONCE penned a rather public thank you letter for First Lady MICHELLE OBAMA on her newly relaunched website last Wednesday, star news has learned.

But what for?

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Beyonce posted a hand-written letter of appreciation for the Michelle Obama and posted it on her website last Wednesday. The letter, which basically revealed that the 30-year-old singer sees the First Lady as an inspiration and a role model for her and her three-month-old daughter with Jay-Z, Blue Ivy Carter, also showcased her longstanding support for the Obama family.

First Lady MICHELLE OBAMA soundly beat late night talk show host, JIMMY FALLON at a fitness challenge held at the White House. Hmmm…what’s all this with the First Lady wanting to best the country’s gab specialists at physical fitness?

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Last week, it was push-ups with Ellen DeGeneres, now it’s hula-hoops, dodge ball, tug-of-war, and a potato sack race with Jimmy Fallon. Whew! Wonder how Michelle Obama gets all that energy to compete, and still win…because oh, yes…she won again…

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First Lady MICHELLE OBAMA beat ELLEN DEGENERES in a push-up contest Ellen egged her on to during a taping for her show that aired a couple of hours ago on CBS .

ellen de generes michelle obama push ups video grab

Ellen challenged the First Lady, a well-known advocate for nutrition and healthy eating, and who launched the “Lets Move!” initiative to reverse the 21st century trend of childhood obesity, to a push-up contest right on the show. Suffice it to say, 48-year-old Michelle Obama bested the 54-year-old talk show host with the studio audience counting off the number of push-ups they performed…