10 worst cases of CELEBRITY PLASTIC SURGERIES that just went awfully wrong. There is so much emphasis on youth, being slender and beauty in much of the world. Especially, it is so true in the Western societies with billboards, TV, star news, the Internet and radio inundating our society with how important it is to have all three of those attributes, or you’re just not of value. Many women have gone under the knife due to this pressure.

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Hollywood celebrities spend fortunes on plastic surgeries; some have gone to such extremes as having gone under the knife repeatedly as if they were visiting their hair stylists. The only problem is that most of these surgical works are unfortunately irreversible. Let’s look at 10 celebrities who have had plastic surgery or as Hollywood gossip news suggest they have gone under the knife.

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Have you ever wondered how many famous lefties are there in Tinseltown? I have because I’m left-handed myself. Here are a list of some of the rich and famous lefties.

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Gals: Oprah Winfrey, Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, Nicole Kidman, Kate Hudson, Rebecca Romijn, Whoopi Goldberg, Sarah Jessica Parker, Julia Roberts and Amy Smart.

Guys: Tom Cruise, Matt Dillon, Robert DeNiro, Mickey Rourke, Jerry Seinfeld, Will Ferrell, Matthew Broderick, Robert Redford, Christian Slater, Bruce Willis and Alan Thicke.

Megan Fox got a tattoo in honor of co-star Mickey Rourke. Megan worked with Mickey on the film Passion Play and was so inspired by him that she got a tattoo on her ribcage in his honor. Megan sports several tattoos, so one cascading across her side wasn’t necessarily a point to note in those bikini pictures.

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While doing press junkets for Power Play, Megan Fox told reporters:

Mickey Rourke’s dogs aren’t so macho. I would have expected Rourke to have very macho dogs. Rourke is pictured taking his dogs for a walk with a friend. Wouldn’t you associate Rourke with completely different breeds of dogs? Perhaps a Doberman, a German Shepherd or a Bulldog; something very macho. Mickey looks tough on the outside but I bet he must be pretty soft inside.

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Oh no does Mickey Rourke need more plastic surgery? Rourke sports a brace on his right arm as he heads in and out of the Brill Building in Times Square earlier this week.

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