ZAC EFRON and TAYLOR SWIFT aren’t dating, everybody, but they are dueting…and how! The “Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax” co-stars went on “The Ellen deGeneres Show” where they sang an original song…

zac efron taylor swift ellen video grab 460x424

…and without too much rehearsing at all!

The way we see it, it appears as if it’s Zac Efron‘s first public try at the guitar, but hey…he’s been in three “High School Musical” movies, so the singing wasn’t too much of a big deal for him. But the questions remains…if they make beautiful music together onscreen…does that mean they’re singing love songs to each other off-screen, as well?

WHITNEY HOUSTON‘s just freshly in the ground, but her clothes are already up for auction. Are her family that anxious to get as much money as possible from her death?

whitney houston black dress bodyguard vest KSR 015745

Up for bid at Julienne’s Auctions are a black velvet dress, pearl drop earrings, and a brown embroidered satin vest Whitney wore in her top-grossing 1992 film, “The Bodyguard. Julienne’s specializes in entertainment memorabilia, and the late six-time Grammy winner’s effects above will go to the highest bidder next month…

Oscar winner DAME JUDI DENCH is slowly going blind, star news heard.

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The 77-year-oldĀ  English veteran film, stage and television actress, who’s best known as James Bond’s boss, M in the film franchise, says she’s suffering from macular degeneration, an eye condition which can cause blindness, and that her eyesight is so bad she’s unable to even read her own scripts. In fact, she can’t even make out the faces of people in front of her…

DENZEL WASHINGTON is telling everyone RYAN REYNOLDS just gave him his first black eye. Is there a celebrity feud brewing between the veteran Oscar-winning actor and this young Canadian upstart?

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Apparently, yes, but only on film. The two actors are in a thriller together, “Safe House,” where Denzel, 57, plays a rogue ex-intelligent officer guarded by an out-of-his-depth CIA agent, Reynolds in a remote location in South Africa. And it looks like Ryan gave Denzel his first black eye in the 30-plus years he’s been playing an action star on the big screen…

SELENA GOMEZ is replacing fellow Disney alum, MILEY CYRUS in a vampire movie that headlines ADAM SANDLER, star news just learned. What’s the matter? Was Miley not considered “vampy” enough?

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Apparently, Miley bowed out of the animated film, and is no longer voicing the part of Dracula’s (Adam Sandler‘s) daughter in “Hotel Transylvania.” Maybe Miley felt an animated flick would bring back her Disney image, something which she’s been assiduously avoiding by doing all manner of crazy/racy stuff

DANIEL RADCLIFFE has admitted he was drunk during some scenes he filmed for the “Harry Potter” series. Really? Can you spot the times he was out of it during the movie?

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The former child star, who spent nearly half his life playing a boy wizard with a scar on his forehead, revealed there was a period when he was drinking nightly, and even came to the set still drunk to film scenes for the eight-movie franchise he’d starred in since he was 12. Wonder which scenes in “Harry Potter” had Dan reeling through them in an alcoholic haze…