MEL GIBSON And OKSANA GRIGORIEVA finally reached a financial understanding in their custody dispute, and Oksana’s getting $750k to shut up about everything to do with their domestic violence-fueled, fellatio-on-demand-or-I’ll-punch-your-teeth-out, anti-Semitic relationship.


Entertainment news learned that “The Beaver” star and his Russian pianist ex-girlfriend have agreed to a final figure in the raising of their 21-month-old daughter Lucia during a hearing at the Los Angeles Superior Court.

MEL GIBSON and OKSANA GRIGORIEVA finally reached a settlement in their bitter custody battle over their one-year-old daughter, Lucia, without either party screaming about further domestic abuse or spewing out anti-semitic rants.


Hollywood gossip websites figure its been a whole year of furious debates between the two parties, with their respective legal counsels getting mucho moolah off their tug-of-war. Poor Lucia will probably get some rest from all the parental tension, because the “Braveheart” actor and his ex-Russian pianist officially reached a child custody agreement.

OKSANA GRIGORIEVA is so pissed at MEL GIBSON, she’s demanding $500,000 from him for traumatizing her 14-year-old son by Timothy Dalton.


According to Oksana, her son Alexander was present that day in 2009 when she alleged Mel punched her so hard, he knocked two of her teeth off. She now wants the “Braveheart” star to pony up half a million dollars worth for scaring her son to death. What is she going to use it for? Shrink’s fees?

This just in—OKSANA GRIGORIEVA has dropped the domestic violence charges against MEL GIBSON! Oksana’s lawyer, Dan Horowitz, announced in court today that they would no longer be pursuing the domestic violence claim.


Mel and his lawyer, Stephen Kolodny, were very obviously shocked at this turn of events.

Oksana Grigorieva has already turned down the Playboy offer. What? She could have really used that money right about now too! Do you think Oksana only turned it down because she wants more money?

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Oksana only got a $75K offer, whereas other people are getting $300 – $400K offers. From the Celebrity Cafe:

The New York Daily News reports that she declined the offer through a PR rep, who issued a statement to TMZ, saying, “Not now, not ever, nor for any amount of money, would our client, Oksana Grigorieva, even consider any offer to pose for Playboy.”

Playboy wants Oksana Grigorieva to pose for them. Playboy keeps going after the controversial women in the news…are they hurting for attention themselves? Oksana would get publicity on the cover to boot.

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Oksana was only offered $75,000 for a spread to do the magazine. Have they gone cheap, too? From TMZ:

Sources close to the offer tell us Playboy is willing to fork over a cool $75,000 for her trouble — and to sweeten the deal, they’re even willing to give Oksana the cover … a pretty enticing move for a struggling musician looking for some non-Mel publicity.