LINDSAY LOHAN tells OPRAH in her recently-aired sit-down interview days after being released from rehab:

“Yeah,” I’m an addict and I need to “regain” people’s trust.

lindsay lohan on oprah

Time and time again, Hollywood news has reported Lindsay Lohan‘s legal and personal issues—including her seemingly never-ending alcohol and drug abuse. In fact, we all know she’s relapsed so many times that people have started to believe she’ll never permanently get better.

DREW BARRYMORE opened up about her liberated past and her plans of being a hands-on parent to her daughter, OLIVE, during an interview on “OPRAH.”

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During her younger years, Drew Barrymore somewhat followed the footsteps of troubled stars by doing drugs, engaging in lesbian relations and getting divorced twice, among others. Luckily, she managed to bounce back and is enjoying her new life as a wife and mother.

JENNIFER LOPEZ has beat OPRAH and JUSTIN BIEBER for the top spot on Forbes’ “Worlds Most Powerful Celebrity” list.


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Jennifer Lopez just made it to the top of the highly regarded “Worlds Most Powerful Celebrity” list by Forbes, beating famed host Oprah and the world’s famed teen pop star Justin Bieber.

LADY GAGA shocked star news when she announced that she was planning to take a media vow of silence immediately after her interview with OPRAH.

Has Gaga grown tired of all the attention?

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The Lady Gaga we’ve all come to know and love has slowly been morphing into a tamer and more normal version of herself—a version who wears people clothes, steers clear of nasty feuds with other celebs, and tries to stay out of the media.

OPRAH and OWN dump “The Rosie Show”

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson now owns a lavish $3.4 million property in Miami

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Exclusive Pics! Alex Pettyfer & Riley Keough are engaged! We’re all shook up!!

Rihanna’s new neck tattoo is an ancient illuminati symbol? (Photo)

Sofia VergaraPaleyFest honoring “Modern Family” in Beverly Hills

Dharun Ravi convicted of hate crimes for spying on roommate

Kate Hudson is married to Matt Bellamy

Queens of talk, OPRAH WINFREY and BARBARA WALTERS are battling it out over the opportunity for an exclusive interview with royal sis-in-law, PIPPA MIDDLETON. Who is likely to emerge the winner?

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The titanic scuffle for exclusive rights to interview the thus-far reclusive Middleton sister has reached a record high bid of $500,000. So we’re guessing whoever has the most money wins? Unless Pippa decides to actually up the ante by asking for more money…or showing her preferences among which of the two she’d prefer to spill her guts to…