Hollywood news has reported that PAMELA ANDERSON will divorce RICK SALOMON.

Oh no!

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Back in 2007, the “Baywatch” chick was married to Rick Salomon but ended it after two months only. Then, earlier this year they remarried thinking that they could work it out this time.

According to TMZ, the two couldn’t make it work for the second time around that Pamela filed a divorce. Maybe Rick didn’t like Pamela’s wild exhibitionist side?

PAMELA ANDERSON made a shocking admission to celebrity news recently:

I was “gang-raped” as a teen.

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Barely a month since she called herself an “exhibitionist,” Pamela Anderson made several, traumatic admissions at the launch of her foundation.

In a way, it just might help explain how she became a sex icon famous for her multiple Playboy covers and boobilicious “Baywatch” character.

Anderson reportedly revealed (furnished by Gossip Cop) that she was “molested from age six by a female babysitter” and that she had her first “heterosexual experience” a few years later. She narrated:

PAMELA ANDERSON posed naked and talked about being an “exhibitionist” in a new interview with celebrity news.


Pamela Anderson for Purple Magazine4

Pamela Anderson is back, with a new pixie cut and a bolder outlook on her physical appearance, which she proudly showcased on the pages of Purple magazine’s newest issue.

In the accompanying interview, the recently remarried bombshell talks talked about finally going without her long, blonde locks. She told Purple magazine:

PAMELA ANDERSON and RICK SALOMON have remarried, according to the latest Hollywood news.

Guess they’re ready to try again!

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It seems they’re really meant to be together because Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon have tied the knot again after breaking up in late 2007 just weeks into their marriage, which was annulled in March the following year.

The former reality stars got back together as “best friends… with benefits” in October last year, and obviously didn’t take them too long before they realized they wanted to give it another go.

Star news reports that PAMELA ANDERSON has just donned a cute, new pixie hair cut.

Actually, she’s not just donning it… She’s totally rocking it!

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The drop dead sexy actress was known for being the Baywatch babe in a sexy bikini with long blonde hair while running on the beach.

Well, what happens when she gets a shorter hair cut?

She was nearly unrecognizable when we spotted her in L.A. on Wednesday, Oct. 30!

MATT LAUER went as PAMELA ANDERSON‘s sexy “Baywatch” character for Halloween on Thursday’s episode of “The Today Show.”


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Should he ever decide to quit doing interviews with celebrities and getting them to spill intimate details about their lives on television, Matt Lauer could probably make a very good living as a swimsuit model… a transvestite one, anyway.

Dressed in a skintight red swimsuit and a long blonde wig, all eyes were on the veteran TV host when he showed up as C.J. Parker—Pamela Anderson’s “Baywatch” character—on Thursday’s Halloween-themed episode of “The Today Show.”