PARIS HILTON has shared her thoughts on dating to star news. Here’s what she had to say:

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fully trust any man.”

PFR 013104Paris Hilton’s rose to fame can be attributed to the wide release of her infamous sex tape. While the “Come Alive” singer benefited from this experience, it was still devastating and really traumatizing for Paris, especially since her ex boyfriend Rick Salomon filmed and released it. Now, Hilton is having a hard time finding the right boyfriend because she can’t seem to trust men anymore.

PARIS HILTON debuts her “Come Alive” music video and it has a special guest — a unicorn!


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Paris Hilton has been teasing us with her newest song, “Come Alive” for weeks now! We just can’t wait for her to release the music video for her newest single, “Come Alive.” Finally, she has.debuted the music video and it looks amazing!

The music video of “Come Alive,” which is part of Hilton’s new house album, was released online last Tuesday.

In recent entertainment news, PARIS HILTON posted teasers for her upcoming “Come Alive” music video on her Instagram account.

Here’s one, check it out:


Paris Hilton has been known to be a lucky girl because she is an heir to lots of money that she doesn’t even need to do anything. Hilton proves us wrong by trying to make a name for herself. Lately, she’ been busy releasing her house album under Lil Wayne’s record label. Just this week, she released the first single from that album called “Come Alive.”

Star news learned that PARIS HILTON debuted her newest single “Come Alive”!


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The lucky blonde heiress tried to make it in the music industry a few years ago with hits like “Stars are Blind” and “Nothing in this World.” She has also tried to become a deejay but it didn’t take off. Late last year, she went back to her roots and tried out singing once again by collaborating with Lil Wayne.

According to Hollywood rumors, PARIS HILTON refused to be filmed for “Keeping Up with the KARDASHIANS” during a party in Los Angeles recently.


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Many of you may know that the infamous Kim Kardashian first became famous as one of Paris Hilton‘s socialite friends, even before Kim because even more infamous for her highly controversial sex tape.

However, it seems the two sex tape kittens are now just that… former clubbing buddies.

KENDALL and KYLIE JENNER, as well as other celebs, attended the second Coachella weekend recently and Hollywood news has their pictures!

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You’re bound to spot tons of celebrities doing all sorts of things at Coachella–such as Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez canoodling in publicLeonardo DiCaprio shaking his behind to the music, just to name a few. So when the second weekend came around, there was definitely some more sight seeing.

Sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner (who sported a big hoop nose ring at the first weekend) returned, as did Paris Hilton, who partied and took selfies with the audience.