According to entertainment news, PARIS HILTON and LIL WAYNE have finally released their music video for their new song, “Good Time.”

Paris Hilton Good Time Music Video

We’ve seen the aspiring deejay-slash-hotel heiress tease in their music video preview, and now we get to see the rest of her brand new music video for her first (explicit) single after signing with Lil Wayne‘s Cash Money label.

As expected, the video for “Good Time”—which also features the racy rapper himself, of course—shows a lot of partying and writhing around in skimpy swimwear by the pool… mostly on Hilton’s part.

PARIS HILTON teases in her sexy music video preview for “Good Time,” featuring LIL WAYNE.


Somebody better pull the fire alarm—Miss Hilton is hotter than ever!

The up-and-coming house deejay, who recently just signed with Lil Wayne‘s record label, has released an extended teaser of her upcoming video for “Good Time” with the rapper, according to entertainment news.

The track, which features Lil Wayne, is a big step up from her “Stars Are Blind” days. It has Paris’ signature pop tone but this time around, it comes with a refreshing hip-hop vibe.

KATE UPTON played a drinking game against JIMMY FALLON on his “Late Night” show on Friday, celebrity news reports.

Who do you think won?

kate upton flip cup jimmy fallon

An attractive and comedic host, some alcohol and a hot swimsuit model… What could go wrong, right?

On Friday’s “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” Kate Upton took her chances and tried to beat Fallon at a competitive game of flip cup with real beer.

Backstreet Boy NICK CARTER has opened up about his ex PARIS HILTON in a new tell-all memoir, claiming that she was “the worst person in the world” for him to date, as she “fed” his most destructive habits at a time when he was deep into substance abuse.

LRS 009361

These days, Nick Carter is doing really well. He recently got engaged to girlfriend Lauren Kitt, and the Backstreet Boys recently announced their upcoming world tour for their 20th anniversary… things couldn’t be better for him.

KIM KARDASHIAN, ASHTON KUTCHER and PARIS HILTON‘s identity thieves have been arrested by U.S. Secret Service agents, Hollywood news reports.

Good riddance!

DGG 041946

It’s two criminals down for Kim Kardashian and a few other famous celebrities.

The reality star, who was also targeted by hackers, previously had her—and her mom Kris Jenner‘s Ashton Kutcher‘s and Paris Hilton‘s—identity stolen by 19-year-old Luis Flores and his roommate, Kyah Green. The culprits were finally arrested and taken into custody in Lake Mary, Florida just recently.

According to celebrity news, PARIS HILTON was allegedly targeted by robbers in her home… again!

They really just love her, don’t they?

AES 097788

As you may already know, Paris Hilton is the most famous victim in the widely-reported “Bling Ring” burglary, which was retold in Sofia Coppola‘s new movie of the same title starring Emma Watson.