LADY GAGA has once again been slammed by PETA for reportedly buying fur in Russia over the weekend, saying that she’s possibly “out of her mind.”

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Another Lady Gaga versus PETA feud has sparked after the often outlandishly-dressed pop superstar reportedly purchased a few expensive fur coats (again) while she was in Russia this weekend.

In recent celebrity news, MIKE “THE SITUATION” SORRENTINO poses shirtless in a new ad for PETA, in which he promotes animal population control through spaying or neutering.


Earlier this year, Mike Sorrentino went to rehab to undergo treatment for a prescription medication problem. But now that he’s all better, the muscled guido is back to showing off his body… in any way possible.

According to Hollywood celebrity gossip, RIHANNA and LADY GAGA were recently slammed by PETA for their love of fur, saying that the two pop stars are “so desperate to be freaks.”

Here we go again, folks.

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Less than a month after starting a war with Lady Gaga (whom they called a “turncoat”) over her not-so-animal-friendly fashion choices, PETA released a statement about Rihanna, who has long since been a target for the animal rights group due to her liking for animal fur.

In recent celebrity news, LADY GAGA has just fired back at PETA and slammed them for their “violent, abusive, and childish campaigns.”


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Lady Gaga, who was recently criticized by PETA for wearing fur, has just issued a statement in which she defends herself and her right to fashion…

Oh, and it also references the flour-bombing attack that some overzealous animal rights activists staged against PETA’s favorite opponentKim Kardashian, last March.

The meat-wearing singer wrote:

LADY GAGA was recently slammed by PETA—over her sudden use of fur recently—by asking her: “Are you a turncoat?”


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After seemingly withdrawing her support for animal rights, it seems Lady Gaga has some explaining to do… at least to her former ally, PETA.

In a letter to Mother Monster, PETA Vice President Dan Mathews flat-out slammed the pop star that he had “long admired” by suggesting that she was a “turncoat” for claiming to be anti-fur but wore “fox and rabbit and with a wolf carcass” for her public appearances.

In recent star news, MARY-KATE and ASHLEY OLSEN are currently being bashed by PETA for the new fur and animal skin handbag that they recently unveiled from their luxury line, The Row.

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PETA has been picking on fur lover Kim Kardashian heavily for the past few months, but now it seems that they’re back at war with their other longtime opponents—the Olsen twins.