RIHANNA has shared to entertainment news that she wants “peace” for Israelis and Palestinians.

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Rihanna has received flak for her insensitive tweet earlier this week. She might have immediately deleted her #FreePalestine tweet, but some people were able to catch it and even take a screenshot of it. Groups and followers alike are not letting Rihanna get away with this so they’re slamming her on social media.

Rihanna has finally broke her silence about this issue by posting a photo on Twitter. She tweeted:

Star news has reported that RIHANNA was slammed for her “despicable anti-semitism” after “#FreePalestine” tweet.


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Rihanna tweeted something culturally insensitive earlier this week. She tweeted “#FreePalestine” but immediately deleted it. Now, the jaw-dropping singer is being blasted for it!

A pro-Israel group Zionist Organization of America, blasted Rihanna for her tweet. The president of the group, Morton Klein, called Rihanna‘s tweet “despicable anti-Semitism.”

In a statement, Klein said:

In recent entertainment news, RIHANNA tweeted “#FreePalestine” then immediately deletes it.


MSA 019978Rihanna has been known to post controversial and racy photos on Instagram that she even exposed her breasts in one of the photos. Instagram has a policy, however, that no one can put up topless photos of women on the social media site, therefore Rihanna’s account was terminated. Good thing, she still has Twitter!

Unfortunately, the singer has also tweeted something culturally insensitive that might get her into another trouble.

KARRUECHE TRAN practically started crying while talking about the CHRIS BROWN and RIHANNA love triangle she found herself caught up in two years ago during her recent interview on “Just Keke.”

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Karrueche Tran has been living happily ever after (so far) with boyfriend Chris Brown for a year now after his final split from ex-girlfriend Rihanna in May of last year. However, it seems the pain and humiliation she endured from Brown breaking up with her in order to be with his superstar ex in 2012 is still fresh in her mind.

According to recent celebrity news, BEYONCE has been crowned Forbes’ “Most Powerful Celebrity.”

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All hail Queen Bey!

As if we weren’t already aware of how influential and powerful and amazing Beyonce is (she just covered TIME magazine’s “100 Most Influential People” issue two months ago) in every possible way, the singer has just been named the “Most Powerful Celebrity” by Forbes magazine.

LORDE shared in a new interview with entertainment news to stop worrying about your “daughters” and focus on “worse things.”


RML 032178The “Tennis Court” singer hasn’t really been known to speak good about anybody. Lorde is seen as a teenage brat who constantly slams everyone around her who doesn’t like her and who she doesn’t like. In a new interview, Lorde discusses her opinions on matters like Rihanna’s controversial dress and teenagers nowadays.