RIHANNA dropped some jaws in a sexy white bodysuit and robe at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards.

See for yourself:

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For someone who’s practically always naked, this isn’t the most shocking outfit to wear on a red carpet—especially at an MTV event. Still, Rihanna’s ensemble was by far the most shocking of them all, as she appeared to be wearing nothing but lingerie for a sexy romp.

Star news has learned that RIHANNA‘s fans ripped Olympic athlete LOLO JONES for her rude diss against the star.


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Just last week, olympian Lolo Jones dissed the star on Twitter making a joke out of her new boyfriend and other “ex boyfriends.” Rihanna has not made any comments about the issue but her fans have ripped Lolo on Twitter in defense of the artist.

One fan tweeted:

“ If Lolo Jones could run #DemFeets like she run her mouth she’d be a champion”

In recent entertainment news, RIHANNA was dissed by the olympian LOLO JONES on Twitter.

Oh no!

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The 26-year-old sexy singer was in a really bad relationship a few years ago when she was assaulted by singer Chris Brown. A few years after, she has risen from the ashes and now has moved on. Rihanna, in fact, is officially in a relationship with Drake.

Star news has learned that RIHANNA went bare naked and showed her butt for a sexy photo shoot in Hollywood last Wednesday.

Ohh la la!

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The record-breaking pop singer is known her unique and catchy music. Rihanna is also popular for her crazy choice in fashion that really features the sexiest parts on her body and this does not exclude baring her nipples! In a new photo shoot, she bares her naked butt.

According to the latest Hollywood newsRIHANNA and DRAKE are officially a couple now!

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Despite multiple sightings of the two of them together (like at strip clubs) late last year, Drake denied that they had renewed their romance when asked if he was “still penetrating” Rihanna during an interview with Chelsea Handler. But in February, the couple was reportedly inseparable in Paris, with Rihanna showing up at practically every single one of Drake‘s shows… and earlier this month the two were spotted holding hands in Manchester, England.

RIHANNA and DRAKE were spotted holding hands in London, England earlier this week.


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Rihanna and Drake have been dating on and off since 2009. The only update we have on their relationship is that they like hanging out whether it be in Paris or at a strip club. Now, with a video posted online, it is confirmed that Rihanna and Drake are taking things to the next level once again.