Hollywood news has learned that ROB KARDASHIAN has been charged with battery and theft after fighting with a photographer at a Los Angeles gym last March.


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As it turns out, the paparazzi-loving Rob Kardashian was out of line when he got into an altercation with a female photographer for taking shirtless photos of him at a West Hollywood gym.

The latest Hollywood news reports that ROB KARDASHIAN is being sued by the photographer who previously claimed he assaulted and stole her camera equipment.


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Last month, it was reported that Rob Kardashian was named in a robbery report for allegedly stealing a photographer’s camera part after taking photos of him without his shirt on at a gym in West Hollywood.

ROB KARDASHIAN‘s recent weight gain has brought forth a lot of body insecurities. But the most devastating one for the reality star is the fact that his “penis looks so small now.”

TMI, Rob!!!

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Some of you may have noticed that Rob Kardashian, who used to be quite the hunk when he was still dating ex-girlfriend Adrienne Bailon, has gained a lot of weight ever since his breakup with British singer Rita Ora.¬†And judging from his immense fury over the unflattering shirtless pics taken of him recently by a female photographer, he’s certainly not happy about it.

The latest Hollywood gossip reports that ROB KARDASHIAN has been dating another British beauty… named NAZA JAFARIAN.

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The past few weeks, the reality star has been rumored to move on from his British singer ex, Rita Ora, to an unnamed brunette. And as it turns out, she’s also British.

And we have a name!

According to In Touch, the new lady’s name is Naza Jafarian and she was spotted with Kardashian again ‘recently.”

The site states:

According to the latest Hollywood gossip, ROB KARDASHIAN‘s photographer (from whom he allegedly stole a memory card) had trespassed on a members-only property to take topless photos of the reality star.

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It was reported on Wednesday that a robbery investigation was launched against Rob Kardashian after he allegedly stole a female photographer’s memory card following a dispute over her taking photos of the single reality star and his shirtless¬†fat upper bod.

ROB KARDASHIAN is being accused of stealing from a photographer after an argument between them over the reality star’s shirtless pics, star news has learned.

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Rob Kardashian recently had another run-in with a paparazzo that didn’t end well.

Apparently, the single reality star snapped after a female shutterbug took several topless pictures of him. You know, right when he’s still in the middle of a weight loss program to get his fit body back.

TMZ explains: