Hollywood news has reported that ROBERT DOWNEY, JR. is Forbes’ highest paid actor of 2014!


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No one would believe that Robert Downey Jr. had a troubling past. Before he became this famous actor, he was once a drug abuser. But look at him now, he’s a father, an established actor, an accomplished man, and a very rich man — heck, he’s on his way to being the real “Iron Man”!

ROBERT DOWNEY JR. spoke out about his son’s cocaine arrest earlier today, saying that his son may have “inherited” his addiction from him.

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Not long after celebrity gossip websites reported his son’s arrest for cocaine possession, Robert Downey Jr. released a statement about the matter, saying that his son “likely inherited” his own addictive tendencies.

According to recent celebrity news, BEYONCE has been crowned Forbes’ “Most Powerful Celebrity.”

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All hail Queen Bey!

As if we weren’t already aware of how influential and powerful and amazing Beyonce is (she just covered TIME magazine’s “100 Most Influential People” issue two months ago) in every possible way, the singer has just been named the “Most Powerful Celebrity” by Forbes magazine.

ROBERT DOWNEY JR.‘s son has been arrested for cocaine possession, according to star news.

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The “Iron Man” star may have left his drug problems behind him, but his struggle with substance abuse is not entirely over.

However, it’s a different sort of struggle now.

Downey‘s son, 20-year-old Indio Falconer Downey, was reportedly arrested for cocaine possession over the weekend in West Hollywood.

TMZ reports:

In recent Hollywood news, ROBERT DOWNEY JR. celebrated his 49th birthday over the weekend by watching “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” with a bunch of lucky kids… and their parents, of course.

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If this was the ’90s, Robert Downey Jr. probably would have celebrated his birthday with a drug binge and a wild, wild party. But that lifestyle is clearly miles behind him now, and the new and improved RDJ opted instead to celebrate his 49th birthday by making a handful of kids’ dreams come true by letting them watch the new “Captain America” film… with Iron Man himself.

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