In recent Hollywood news, ROBERT DOWNEY JR. celebrated his 49th birthday over the weekend by watching “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” with a bunch of lucky kids… and their parents, of course.

robert birthday

If this was the ’90s, Robert Downey Jr. probably would have celebrated his birthday with a drug binge and a wild, wild party. But that lifestyle is clearly miles behind him now, and the new and improved RDJ opted instead to celebrate his 49th birthday by making a handful of kids’ dreams come true by letting them watch the new “Captain America” film… with Iron Man himself.

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According to entertainment news, an “Iron Man 3″ gag reel has just been released and it shows ROBERT DOWNEY laughing uncontrollably on set.

robert downey jr iron man 3 gag reel

It’s been almost four months since “Iron Man 3″ premiered in Hollywood, but it’s only now that we get to see the film’s bloopers.

In the newly released gag reel, we see Robert Downey Jr. trying his very best to control his laughing fits in the middle of taping.

IHA 014557

ROBERT DOWNEY JR. ‘s seemingly immortal character Tony Stark takes a beating in the new “Iron Man 3″ trailer.

Poor Iron Man!

ironman3 trailer

As usual, the new trailer shows the unbelievably good-looking actor‘s suave billionaire-turned-superhero character, Tony Stark, kicking ass in his famous iron suit. No wonder he got injured during filming!

This time, Robert Downey Jr.‘s character endures greater difficulty in battling his super terrorist enemy Mandarin (played by Ben Kingsley), who destroys his “personal world” and endangers those who are closest to him, while questioning, ”Does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man?”

Celebrity gossip websites have just learned that ROBERT PATTINSON has been named the world’s “Sexiest Man”… for the 4th year in a row!

Well, he certainly deserves it.

SPX 049846

The British actor just got back together with girlfriend Kristen Stewart after months of estrangement following her cheating scandal… and he already has another reason to celebrate.

Thanks to his grungy hipster charm—and of course his Edward Cullen good looks—the “Twilight” star was named the world’s “Sexiest Man” in an annual poll by Glamour magazine.