ROBERT PATTINSON recently revealed to Hollywood news that he wants a “side career as a male stripper.”

Say what?!

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Now here’s something that Kristen Stewart wouldn’t want to know about her ex-boyfriend-turned-friendRobert Pattinson.

In an appearance on Tuesday’s “Good Morning America” as part of the promotion of his and Guy Pierce‘s new film “The Rover,” the British actor and Dior spokesperson was asked to elaborate on his previous comments about getting part-time work as a “male stripper” like his co-star.

ROBERT PATTINSON has confirmed to celebrity news that he is still in touch with KRISTEN STEWART.

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After the rough break up of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart last year, new crazy rumors have surfaced. There was once a rumor that the two were secretly hooking up again and then there’s the Robert and Katy Perry rumor that claimed they had a Coachella hook up. With all the rumors that we are hearing, we wonder if Robert and Kristen are still friends.

In the latest Hollywood gossip, it has been reported that ROBERT PATTINSON and KATY PERRY hooked up at Coachella.

For real?

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Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry has been rumored to have a relationship last year. Katy slammed the rumors, however, because she sees herself only as a friend who offers support to Robert. But now that she has split with singer John Mayer, is there a chance that they can hook up now?

ROBERT PATTINSON recently revealed that he’s finally discovered moisturizing, and joked that it’s made a “profound change” in his life.

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Unlike Edward Cullen, Robert Pattinson doesn’t have the perfectly smooth, diamond-encrusted skin of a never-aging vampire… which is a shame, because as a Dior spokesperson and as one of the sexiest men in the world, he could really use the eternal youth and beauty.

Luckily, Pattinson recently realized that he couldn’t be young and gorgeous forever, and he needed some help in prolonging his attractiveness.

ROBERT PATTINSON‘s new winter wonderland-themed Dior campaign photos have finally been released!

Check one of them out:

Robert Pattinson Dior

Robert Pattinson proves once again that he was the right choice for the new face of Dior for Men.

In one of the newly-released pics, which was taken around the same time as the first batch of campaign photos and video teasers were released earlier this year, the debonair actor gets cozy with a female model under the romantic snow.

HENRY CAVILL has just topped British Glamour’s “Sexiest Men” list for 2013, according to the latest celebrity news.

Very well deserved, don’t you think?

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His sexy shirtless antics over the past year have apparently not gone unnoticed, because thanks to British Glamour’s readers, Henry Cavill is now the “Sexiest Man” of 2013.

The British hottie jumped a whopping nine spots from his comfortable number 10 position in last year’s “Sexiest Men” list, overthrowing fellow Brit and four-time champ Robert Pattinson, who is this year’s runner-up.