According to the latest Hollywood news, EVA MENDES and RYAN GOSLING are expecting a baby!


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Back in 2011, Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling dated then broke up a year after. We haven’t heard anything from the two since then except that there were rumors that they were still dating and that Eva is pregnant! In an interview, earlier this year, she dismissed the pregnancy rumor as a joke.

TOM HANKS has been named this year’s “Most Likeable Man in Hollywood,” according to an iHeartRadio survey.

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The most likeable woman in Hollywood this year, Ellen DeGeneres, now has a male counterpart… Tom Hanks!

Beating Will Smith, the veteran actor who freaked us out with his video of a bloody elbow procedure was given the title by iHeartRadio after their October survey garnered him 28.3% of the votes.

RYAN GOSLING stars in a third intense trailer for his upcoming movie, “Only God Forgives.”

More Ryan? Yes, please!

ryan gosling only god forgives third trailer

We’ve already seen the first two trailers of ”Only God Forgives”—one of Ryan Gosling‘s last few movies before taking an acting break.

Fortunately for all of us (who just can’t get enough of the handsome actor), the producers have released yet another teaser just weeks before the movie’s July release.

A RYAN GOSLING impersonator fooled fans in Detroit, as seen in a video recorded prank orchestrated by “Mojo in the Morning.”

Check out the “famous” dude:

fake ryan gosling

While the real Ryan Gosling was filming one of his last movies before his acting break in Detroit, a lookalike was strolling the streets and posing with fans.

Surrounded by fake bodyguards, the impersonator—a tax accountant named Doug—dressed up in a hoodie and sunglasses and made use of his “80 percent” resemblance to the handsome actor in staging a prank for “Mojo in the Morning” radio station.

RYAN GOSLING avenges his brother’s death in the newest trailer for his upcoming movie, “Only God Forgives.”

ryan gosling only god forgives second trailer

Sure, Ryan Gosling gets his handsome face beaten up as he acts as a drug smuggler in his new action movie, “Only God Forgives,” (as seen in the first trailer) but heck, he definitely knows how to get his revenge!

In the event that his brother brutally dies while he commits such crimes in Thailand, he is pushed by his mother (played by Kristin Scott Thomas) to  avenge his brother’s passing.

Celebrity news reports that MILA KUNIS and RYAN GOSLING have topped the “Most F*ckable Celebrities” list by Details magazine.

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Details magazine recently revealed a rather interesting list that was definitely unlike Forbes’—the “10 Most F*ckably Celebrities” in all of Hollywood!

Coming out on top were no other than Esquire’s “Sexiest Woman Alive,” Mila Kunis, and the undeniably appealing chick flick actor, Ryan Gosling.