Entertainment news has learned that SACHA BARON COHEN joked about ANNE HATHAWAY‘s “upskirt shot” at the Golden Globe Awards last night.

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Sacha Baron Cohen didn’t pass up the chance to make another one of his borderline-foul stunts when he went on stage of the Golden Globe Awards last night to present the “Best Animated Feature Film.”

The “Dictator” star, who came as himself this time, decided to mock his “Les Miserables” co-stars… especially the Golden Grobe winner herself for “Best Supporting Actress,” Anne Hathaway. who accidentally flashed her privates during their movie premiere last month.

The latest entertainment news tells us that the star-studded lead cast of “Les Misérables”—which includes ANNE HATHAWAY, HUGH JACKMAN and RUSSELL CROWE, among others—posed for a stunning photo spread in Vogue’s upcoming issue.

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As if the musical trailers, the extended video feature and movie character posters weren’t enough to convince us that “Les Misérables” is definitely a must-watch, new haunting in-character portraits have been published in the upcoming issue of Vogue.

Entertainment news tells us there are new “Les Misérables” character posters released featuring AMANDA SEYFRIED, SACHA BARON COHEN, HELENA BONHAM CARTER and EDDIE REDMAYNE.

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With a few more weeks to go until the premiere of the star-studded musical film adaptation of “Les Misérables,” movie character posters featuring its stars have surfaced to excite us all further until it’s Christmas Day opening.

SACHA BARON COHEN’s film character “The Dictator” bullied MATT LAUER on the “Today Show” Monday.

Poor guy!

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Sacha Cohen—who previously victimized Ryan Seacrest on the Academy Awards red carpet by dumping ashes on his Burberry suit—transformed into his character Admiral General Aladeen from “The Dictator” once again and tortured host Matt Lauer during an interview with him on the “Today Show.”

The hottest Hollywood news this week includes DONALD TRUMP showing how much he hated SACHA BARON COHEN‘s red carpet stunt and the Vanity Fair party on Oscar night in his YouTube video,”"From The Desk Of Donald Trump: Oscars’ Biggest Losers.”

Not only that, he also gave his mind about Ryan Seacrest‘s security!

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I’m sorry, who asked?

SACHA BARON COHEN and MEGAN FOX are the latest in a long line of celebrities who’ve joined the Kardashian Bashing Brigade. This time, they’ve taken it to a higher level and lambasted the reality family in a movie.

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Cohen, of “Borat” and “Bruno” fame, isn’t shy about making fun of other people, and his latest film, “The Dictator,” looks like it’s going to be his most excruciating lampoon yet. Because here he is playing some Middle Eastern tyrant who comes to New York and bangs Megan Fox while throwing in a jab at the Kardashian Klan into the mix…