In recent star news, ELLEN PAGE was named PETA’s sexiest female vegetarian.


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Ellen Page is the latest talk of the town! After coming out of the closet, all eyes were on her. There was even a rumor that she was dating Shailene Woodley! People have actually been really supportive of her and she is grateful for the positive attention that she’s getting.

Now, Ellen Page is getting new positive attention and being recognized as sexiest female vegetarian for this year.

Star news has learned that JENNIFER LOPEZ rocked her bikini body as captured by LEAH REMINI on Instagram!

Jlo bikini

The “American Idol” judge has been hanging a lot lately with Leah Remini. Lopez hung out with her earlier this week poolside and they posted a video playfully fighting with each other. Now, Lopez posted a new photo showcasing her bikini body and told the funny story when Leah took the photo.

Star news has spotted LEA MICHELE flaunting her sexy bikini body on her Italian vacation over the weekend.


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Lea Michele has recently posted a heartfelt message to the late Cory Monteith. That message brought back all the memories and all the pain, and it is really exhausting to remember all of that. Because of this, Michele took a vacation to Italy. Actually, this month, Michele has already traveled to Mexico, Hawaii, and now to Italy!

Hollywood news has learned that JESSICA SIMPSON posted a new sexy swimsuit pic and changed her name to “Jessica Johnson.”


Jessica JohnsonJessica Simpson was recently married to Eric Johnson and the two looked really happily married as they walked down the aisle. Now they’re on their honeymoon enjoying each other’s companies while flaunting their bodies as they relax and unwind after the stressful wedding preparations.
In a new photo that Simpson posted last Monday on Instagram, she is seen wearing a printed swimsuit with a refreshing cocktail on one hand. She even captioned the photo:

Celebrity news has learned that topless pictures of ASHLEY BENSON have emerged online!

Oh no!

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Ashley Benson has been known to be a very chic and classy celebrity. She tried to dirty up her image by going racy with Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez for “Spring Breakers.” This time, however, she doesn’t need to do any effort to change her squeaky clean image.

The “Pretty Little Liars” star was spotted topless on a beach in Hawaii! She can’t lie that she didn’t go topless because we’ve got photos!

LEA MICHELE shared a topless pic from her recent Mexico trip on Instagram.

Check her out:

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Lea Michele is clearly fond of showing her butt off while dressed in a bikini.

The “Glee” star and her sexy bod graced the beautiful beaches of Mexico earlier this week, and on Thursday her tatas also made an appearance in a revealing topless shoot by the water.