JULIE BOWEN recently commented on the pairing of her “Modern Family” co-star SOFIA VERGARA and “Magic Mike” hunk JOE MANGANIELLO during an interview with ET Canada:

They’re “like a genetic explosion.”

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Yeah, that’s pretty much what everyone else was thinking, too.

When celebrity gossip websites found out that one of the most desirable women in the world was dating one of the hottest hunks ever, it was like when people found out about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie–but minus the cheating scandal and home-wrecker accusations.

Accroding to the latest Hollywood news, SOFIA VERGARA celebrated her 42nd birthday with JOE MANGANIELLO last Thursday in Malibu!

Happy Birthday!

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Sofia Vergara had recently split with Nick Loeb and she has said that she has been feeling bad about it. Now she’s doing pretty well, which made us question if she’s dating someone new. She has confirmed it just last week when she was spotted dating Joe Manganiello in New Orleans!

SOFIA VERGARA and JOE MANGANIELLO were spotted on a date in New Orleans on Sunday, shortly after their new romance was reported by celebrity gossip websites.

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After rumors cropped up that Vergara and Manganiello were currently dating, the new couple helpfully provided us with the proof that we needed to confirm their relationship. On Sunday, they stopped for a bite at Li’l Dizzy’s in New Orleans, Louisiana, where the sexy bombshell has been filming her new movie, “Don’t Mess with Texas.”

Celebrity news has learned that SOFIA VERGARA is now dating “True Blood” star JOE MANGANIELLO.

Now that’s one sexy couple, no?

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Sofia Vergara clearly didn’t waste any time being devastated about her split from ex-fiancé Nick Loeb, whom she’s been engaged to since 2012 until their breakup two months ago.

The Colombian bombshell is now reportedly dating the extremely hunky Joe Manganiello. Now how’s that for a rebound?

An insider tells Us Weekly:

SOFIA VERGARA dished on to Hollywood news about her recent split with NICK LOEB. She shared:

“It’s been getting worse and worse.”

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We’ve always viewed Sofia Vergara as a perfect person because she has almost everything. Besides being the one of the highest paid TV actresses, she also has a sexy body that’s to die for! Plus, she has a great personality who likes to joke around.

We think she’s the happiest person, but sadly, that’s not true.

EMMA STONE and a slew of other celebrities read “Mean Tweets” about themselves on JIMMY KIMMEL‘s show on Wednesday, star news tells us.

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Finally, here comes another installment of the hilarious segment of “Mean Tweets” onJimmy Kimmel Live”!

This time, more famous celebrities like Julia RobertsAshton KutcherCourteney Cox and Sofia Vergara faced the camera and read aloud some of the meanest—or funniest—Twitter messages written about them by their online haters.