Celebrity news has reported that DAVID BECKHAM stripped down for H&M’s Super Bowl commercial.

Hot Papi!


One of H&M’s hottest endorser is the soccer player and dad David Beckham.  H&M couldn’t have found a better face (or body) for the part; with him being a stylish man and having a drool-worthy hunky body.

David showcases everything he’s got in a brand new commercial for H&M for the 2014 Super Bowl. Or in this case, he strips everything he’s got.

DWAYNE “THE ROCK” JOHNSON goes for a desperate “morning run’ in this extended version of his hilarious Got Milk? Super Bowl commercial.

the rock got milk super bowl commercial 2013

While other Super Bowl 2013 commercials teased our palettes, seduced us into buying luxury cars and shocked us with its obscenity, Dwayne Johnson (that’s The Rock to you) starred in a funny Got Milk? commercial that showed our common desperation for that glass of milk in the morning.

“Glee” star NAYA RIVERA eats her candy boyfriend in this adorable new M&M’s Super Bowl commercial.


In this super-cute (and slightly weird) video, the gorgeous actress gets lovey-dovey with her red M&M boyfriend in a montage of scenes where he is shown doing all kinds of things for her (such as painting her toenails and carrying all her shopping bags) while he sings Meat Loaf’s “I’d Do Anything For Love.”


KATE UPTON, USHER and WILLEM DAFOE star in the new extended cut version of the Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class Super Bowl commercial.


After Mercedes-Benz’s rather disappointing car wash commercial with Kate Upton, the company opted for less cheap sex by throwing Usher and Willem Dafoe into the mix in this new ad for the all-new Mercedes-Benz CLA.

In the commercial, Dafoe plays a creepy but well-dressed Satan, who mysteriously appears at a diner and offers a young man his very own Mercedes-Benz CLA (and “everything that goes along with it”)… in exchange for his soul.

Why is TIM TEBOW wearing jeans in the ad he models for Jockey, virtually obscuring the underwear he’s trying to sell? Was this part of his contract rider with Jockey International?

tim tebow jeans jockey ad 460x345

We know he’s a devout Christian and all that, and he’s started a trend, that, like it or not, is spreading around (to the dismay of atheists all over America) faster than Kim Kardashian‘s pay-attention-to-me Twitter displays. But what’s the point of selling underwear if you aren’t going to show it at all?

Footie star DAVID BECKHAM will topbill the Super Bowl with an ultra sexy commercial that’s sure to get the ladies swooning.

david beckham h  m superbowl ad video grab

No more Kim Kardashian arching her prominent behind to sell shoes. All you’ll see is the Becks revealing his new H&M men’s underwear fashion line in his tighty-whities, and not much else. Bet you Victoria Beckham‘s gritting her teeth the whole time knowing the whole world will be ogling her man’s chiseled and tattooed bod come February 5…