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Celebrity gossip websites are always quick to report about any new romantic pairings between celebrities. But sometimes, there are those relationships that somehow manage to slip under the radar…

1. Natalie Portman and Moby

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Take for instance the jaw-dropping romance that occurred between Oscar winning actress Natalie Portman and musician Moby. In 2008, the famously hairless DJ admitted to dating Natalie briefly in 2001.

Can you believe it?!

ELIN NORDEGREN, former Mrs. Woods, has bulldozed a $12 million mansion, thanks in part to the $100 million divorce settlement she got from TIGER WOODS, her cheating golfer of an ex-husband.

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Isn’t it funny how, when people get divorced, they do all sorts of strange, destructive stuff like cut off all their hair, or throw out an ex’s clothes, even burn sheets, photos, and other remaining memorabilia from the marriage? Well, Elin Nordegren did every divorced couple one better by tearing down a $12 million mansion because she didn’t like the looks of it…

In recent celebrity news, TIGER WOODS was attacked yesterday with a hotdog during a gold tournament in California.

Yes, you read that right—a hotdog. Not a golf ball, or a rock, or anything else that could actually hurt him.


The incident occurred during the Open in San Martin. Tiger was working on a particular hole when a spectator suddenly yelled “Tiger!” and threw a hotdog at him.

Yes, you heard it right…a key player in disgraced golfer TIGER WOODS‘ mistress scandal has been murdered. Remember when he crashed his Escalade into an oak tree the night Elin Nordegren went after him with a 4- iron? That tree was a mute witness to Elin‘s rage as she vented her woman-scorned ire on her cheating husband. Well, that tree has been taken out of the picture forever…

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ELIN NORDEGREN, Swedish model and erstwhile TIGER WOODS wife, has rebounded on her cheating ex with a billionaire boyfriend who Hollywood rumors are positive will treat her better than Tiger ever could.

Good for you, Elin!


Elin‘s been seen around and about town with Jaime Dingham, billionaire son of New York investor Michael Dingman. The relationship is in its early stages, with the two having dated exclusively for a couple of months.