EMILY BLUNT admits in a recent interview with CONAN O’BRIEN that she “almost killed” TOM CRUISE.


Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt sits down for an interview on “Conan” and she made one shocking revelation about how filming went with co-star Tom Cruise for their upcoming movie, “Edge of Tomorrow.”

According to the actress and first-time mom, she almost “killed” Tom… and not because she aimed a gun at him, thank goodness. It was just an accident that could’ve gone worse but didn’t.

TOM CRUISE dies repeatedly in the newly released trailer for his upcoming movie, “Edge of Tomorrow.”

Tom Cruise

Much like in his previous movie “Oblivion,” Tom Cruise kicks more alien butt in his new one called “Edge of Tomorrow.”

Here’s the interesting part, though. The Scientology follower dies—more than once—after his soldier character is forced to live out the same events as a result of entering a time loop.

Something tells us this is one movie that his estranged ex-wife, Katie Holmes, wouldn’t mind seeing.

In a new interview with Vanity Fair, NICOLE KIDMAN admits that when she was still married to TOM CRUISE, they were a lot like BRAD PITT and ANGELINA JOLIE.

nicolekidman vanityfair

Though the former couple does not seem to be on friendly terms, Nicole Kidman had nothing bad to say about her short-lived marriage to then-Hollywood heartthrob, Tom Cruise.

The Australian beauty, who is now happily married to country singer and “American Idol” judge Keith Urban, opens up to Vanity Fair:

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RUSSELL BRAND admits he’s hurt that TOM CRUISE had “no interest” in recruiting him into his unorthodox religion, Scientology.

Poor Russell!


Apparently, working with Tom Cruise doesn’t mean he’ll want to share the same religion with you.

In an interview on “Conan” on Tuesday, Russell Brand hurtfully reveals that his “Rock of Ages” co-star didn’t want to convert him to his Scientology religion—the widely reported reason for Cruise‘s tragic divorce from Katie Holmes—even when he was very “interested” in it.

TOM CRUISE gets messy during a game of Egg Roulette on “Late Night with JIMMY FALLON” on Friday, recent entertainment news reports.

tom cruise on jimmy fallon

When Tom Cruise goes on Jimmy Fallon‘s “Late Night” Friday show, it’s nearly impossibly for them not to have an intense face-off.

The divorced actor, who was on the show to promote his new movie “Oblivion,” battled against the comedic host in a game called Egg Russian Roulette.