DRAKE wore a disguise and interviewed people about himself for “Lie Witness News” last Thursday, star news has learned.


drake disguise

Jimmy Kimmel has been known for his funny and sort-of embarrassing interviews on regular people with all kinds of ridiculous questions. Sometimes, he lets celebrities in disguise do the interviews and the answers are hilarious! This time around, Jimmy Kimmel puts the muscular rapper, Drake, on disguise to interview people … about himself!

According to the latest entertainment news, ROB LOWE and ELLEN DEGENERES made out while recreating a kiss scene!


Lowe Degeneres

Ellen Degeneres has recently been keeping herself up to date with the latest trends like the famous Oscars selfie. Now, she’s done it again when she kissed her guest on “Ellen” much like when Johnny Depp and Jimmy Kimmel shared a kiss on his show earlier this week.

According to the latest Hollywood news, JOHNNY DEPP kissed JIMMY KIMMEL again last Monday on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

He must be a really good kisser!


The sexy brilliant actor has been fooling around with different girls throughout his entire career. Fortunately, Johnny Depp is now officially engaged to Amber Heard. Just recently, however, Depp has been spotted fooling around with someone, and it ain’t a girl!

LADY GAGA performed for the very first time “The Late Show with DAVID LETTERMAN on Wednesday, and it was pretty spectacular.

We’re honestly not surprised!

Lady Gaga

You’d think that Lady Gaga has performed on every high-rating show possible but on Wednesday, it was her first time on David Letterman‘s “Late Night” show.

To make her debut pretty unforgettable, the 29-year-old world-famous singer performed her new song, ”Dope.” Not only that, she dragged Letterman himself, Bill Murray and the entire talk show audience from the Ed Sullivan Theater to the famous club Roseland across the street for her performance of another one of her newest tracks, “Guy.”

The official cast photos of the upcoming “Girl Meets World” series has finally been unveiled to star news!

Girl Meets World Official Cast Photo

As previously reported, stars Ben Savage and the ever-sexy Danielle Fishel are returning to television for the spinoff of their ’90s series, “Boy Meets World”… now titled, “Girl Meets World.” In the series, the actors will play their former characters, Corey and Topanga, only married this time and with a daughter named Riley Matthews.

TORI SPELLING and DEAN MCDERMOTT will be documenting their ongoing marriage crisis with an upcoming reality show on Lifetime, celebrity news reports.

Say what?

PRN 077398

Some celebrities would rather shut up about their divorces and specific details of their personal lives to the media, like normal people do.

But not Tori Spelling and her husband, Dean McDermott.

The couple, who now have four children together, have been trying to get through a rough patch in their marriage, especially with McDermott checking into rehab since January after allegedly cheating on Tori late last year. and now, they will reportedly be starring in a Lifetime docu called “True Tori.”