ZAC EFRON stripped down and went down off a cliff for an upcoming “Running Wild” show, celebrity news has reported.


zac efron cliff shirtless

Zac Efron has recently been more adventurous than ever especially in his recent vacation. He was seen doing backflips off a boat with friends and was even spotted kissing Michelle Rodriguez. In a new video, for the show “Running Wild Bear Grylls,” we see more of Zac’s wild side and of course, the best part is — he’s totally shirtless.

Celebrity news has reported that JOE MANGANIELLO teached CONAN O’BRIEN last Tuesday some stripper moves!

We can’t wait to see this!

Joe conan stripper

The “True Blood” hunk, Joe Manganiello, is a real hottie! With a body and face like that, he can date whoever he wants. We all admire him as an actor, but we admit that we really liked it when he danced as a stripper for the movie “Magic Mike.”

Star news has reported that ARIANA GRANDE and JENNETTE MCCURDY’s show “Sam & Cat” canceled by Nickelodeon.


SamCatBefore Ariana Grande was known as a powerhouse performer with an angelic voice, she was known as simply “Cat” from the show “Sam & Cat.”  She has come a long way from that ditsy teen character to a real life, teen pop star! While she also performs on different states and in various events, she can still manage to record for upcoming “Sam & Cat” shows.

According to the latest Hollywood news, NAYA RIVERA will be returning to “Glee” but only as a recurring guest star!


AES 131675

A few months ago, rumors broke out that Naya Rivera and Lea Michele were taking their diva roles to seriously. Apparently, Naya and Lea were talking behind each others backs that it led to Naya being fired from “Glee.” In an interview, however, Michele slammed these rumors and claimed that everything was fine.

Star news tells us KIM  and KHLOE KARDASHIAN recently mud wrestled, leaving them worried about some vagina dirt.


Kim and Khloe Kardashian1

There’s obviously no such thing as “too much information” for this infamous reality TV family.

In this week’s teaser for the upcoming episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Kim and Khloe had yet another sisterly brawl… in the mud.

After participating in the mud run, they quickly worried about getting yeast infections and said disturbing stuff like:

ARIANA GRANDE dropped f-bombs while she was performing live on MTV last Wednesday, entertainment news has learned.


ariana fbomb

Ariana Grande recently released her newest song “Break Free.” Last Wednesday, she performed it live on MTV and did great. But on a special segment, she committed so many mistakes — she dropped f-bombs on national television! Hopefully she won’t be hated for gross messages.

Now, she might have a real problem!