In recent entertainment news, DENISE RICHARDS reportedly said “no” to an appearance on “Two and a Half Men.” Why? Because she’s afraid of ex-husband CHARLIE SHEEN’s wrath!


TMZ has learned that producers of “Two and a Half Men” offered Denise a guest-starring role on the show for the premiere episode, but she immediately turned it down because she believed that accepting the part would provoke Charlie to pick on her and make her life hell.

CHARLIE SHEEN’s loyal fans are making headlines for vandalizing street signs with stickers that say, “Where’s Charlie?” The troubled actor apparently still has some faithful supporters out there, since the stickers started popping up immediately after the successful Sheen-free ‘Two And A Half Men’ episode.


Charlie, whose character, Charlie Harper, was killed off in the latest episode of ‘Two And A Half Men’, has apparently been getting a show of support from his fans over the last few days, and this time in an illegal and unorthodox way.

The latest Hollywood gossip reports tell us that ASHTON KUTCHER has completely won over the ‘Two And A Half Men’ cast and crew—especially after he threw an impromptu party for everyone after their first day of shooting.

Sorry, Charlie Sheen. Looks like everyone now officially likes Ashton more than you!


Well, no…we don’t mean that literally, but CHARLIE SHEEN is set to explode in a “shower of meat” that causes  his character Charlie Harper’s demise in “Two And A Half Men”. Or at least that’s what’s written in the script to explain why the main character’s been killed off in the hit series where Season 9 opens to a scene of his closed-casket funeral.


Yes, closed casket. Meat shower, remember?

So yes, ASHTON KUTCHER has officially kicked off the 9th season of “Two And A Half Men” with a funeral. No, not his…CHARLIE SHEEN‘s.  The latest season isn’t due to air til September 19, but here’s a lowdown on what to expect when it opens this fall…


Star news says Ashton‘s playing a brokenhearted Internet billionaire – brokenhearted from what, they aren’t saying. And he’ll be attending the funeral of  Charlie Sheen‘s character who’s been killed off on the show from an as yet undisclosed accident, though we’re betting it’ll be an overdose of tiger blood…you think?

Two And A Half Men launches new teaser ad campaign with the three main guys: JON CRYER, ASHTON KUTHCER, ANGUS T. JONES seemingly naked covered by its launch date.We wonder what is Cryer is frowning at.. Doesn’t it look like he’s staring at Ashton‘s manhood?

Two and a half men naked ad 2

According to the latest entertainment news, the sitcom will return on September 19, with Charlie being dead and Ashton joining the show, do you think it’ll remain one of the most popular sitcoms out there? Methinks it will be a huge success. Ashton is such a great comedian, has anyone seen That 70s Show? I literally used to watch every single episode and loved it.