Celebrity news has learned that VANESSA HUDGENS cut her hair and is now rocking the long bob look!

She looks gorgeous!

VH longbob

Vanessa Hudgens reinvented herself from being a prim and proper Disney star to a messy character in “Spring Breakers.” She has also tried to change her look by wearing clothes that really fit her personality and even by a simple change in hairstyle. We must say, with her new hair, she’s totally rocking it!

SELENA GOMEZ and VANESSA HUDGENS shared “Spring Breakers” reunion pics with their co-star, ASHLEY BENSON, recent celebrity news has learned.

Ashley Benson Selena Gomez Vanessa Hudgens

It’s only been a year since they flaunted their bikini bods around a silver-toothed James Franco for their sexy crime movie, “Spring Breakers,” but it’s seems it’s already a good time for a reunion for Selena GomezVanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson.

The trio, who was missing their fourth co-star Rachel Korine, posed for a few photos that they later showed off on Instagram on Thursday.

VANESSA HUDGENS showed off some very impressive dance moves to BEYONCE‘s song, “Yonce,” in a new video that’s made star news.

Vanessa Hudgens

After previously showing off her twerking skills at a club last year and portraying a stripper in a movie, Vanessa Hudgens proves that she’s a pretty kick ass dancer in a new video she made with Yla.

The sexy singer-actress teams up with the girl group for a sizzling dance routine to Beyonce‘s new song “Yonce/Partition” in the background.

Do you like it?

VANESSA HUDGENS was photographed wearing a Disney-inspired marijuana tank top while working out yesterday.

How shocking.

MSA 014410

Much like her fellow former Disney stars, Vanessa Hudgens appears to be a big fan of weed… and not a big fan of Disney.

In what appears to be a not-so-subtle diss aimed at her former employer, the “Spring Breakers” star wore a white tank top with the word “dank” (a slang word used by stoners) on it, which featured the iconic “D” from Disney’s logo and a marijuana leaf in place of the letter “A” while working out in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

VANESSA HUDGENS is barely recognizable as a homeless teen in the new trailer for her upcoming movie, “Gimme Shelter.”

See for yourself:

Vanessa gimme

Vanessa Hudgens has definitely come a long way from being a “High School Musical” star.  She changed up her image in the movie “Spring Breakers,” where she showcased a lot of sex scenes and tiny bikinis. And now, she plays a much heavier role for “Gimme Shelter.”

Celebrity news recently learned that VANESSA HUDGENS was viciously “attacked” by a fan at the YouTube Music Awards on Sunday!


JTM 065447

But fear not, folks. It was all staged… for a music video.

Instead of twerking and getting all raunchy and sleazy with an older man, Vanessa opted for a different (and more painful) approach to get everyone’s tongues wagging about her recent awards show appearance.